To help users understand the policies, procedures, rules and terms when using, learning about the Dermatology Health Information Website, the camnangbenhdalieu.com website provides the following policies and terms.


This paper of terms and policies has listed all the terms and policies when using the information on the camnangbenhdalieu.com website: Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions of Use, Advertising Policy, Adjusting Policy, Editorial policy.

If you have any unsatisfied problems or violate these policies, we recommend that you should stop using the camnangbenhdalieu.com website.

II. Camnangbenhdalieu.com IS FREE OF RESPONSIBILITY

Before using, learning the information on camnangbenhdalieu.com, we assert to the user that the information provided on this website is general information only.

Information is updated promptly and accurately with knowledge related to dermatological diseases. Camnangbenhdalieu.com does not represent or warrant the legal representation of any kind, form, or any other information, including but not limited to, the accuracy, completeness, reliability, suitability and practicality on the website or any information, products, services or images related to the website for any purpose.

The information on this website is for reference only. Before applying, you should go to medical facilities to take examination and seek advice from a specialist.

We disclaim any claims relating to the use of information on this website.

Image information, content of the articles is shared and cited references by community.

We may use the user’s cookie to assist in making modifications, designing to meet the user’s experience.

In each article, it is possible to exchange comments, only comments that do not violate the terms and policies can appear.

Through our website, you may link to other websites, but you must ensure the accuracy of the information and not for the purpose of referring or attracting the attention of these websites. We will always strive to develop, improve and help the website stably operate.


Adjusting policy of Camnangbenhdalieu.com

Camnangbenhdalieu.com commits to edit and adjust, clarify the content on the website as soon as we found any inadequate issues, necessary adjustments. We will quickly fix the smallest errors from spelling, grammar, style of writing and expression without changing the meaning of the information and update fully on our website without any notification.

With errors in the content, we will update and note the adjustments on the website so the readers can update in time. The adjustment is only applied to the original content posted on the camnangbenhdalieu.com website including news articles, reference documents, medical documents.

In the process of using the information on the camnangbenhdalieu.com website, if you find and read any error, please send email to the customer care and webiste management team through the link address in bottom of the website.


Editorial policy on Camnangbenhdalieu.com is regulated as follows:

1. The integrity of the edited information

Camnangbenhdalieu.com provides readers with objective, reliable and accurate medical information about dermatological diseases. We commit that the information provided on the web is accurate, derived from accredited medical documents and used in medicine.

We provide the most accurate medical information on all matters relating to dermatological diseases, which may or may not apply to the health status of any individual. Readers choose the right information for themselves. However, readers should not use the information on camnangbenhdalieu.com as a substitute for professional health care services.

To ensure the best health, patients should learn and consult with their doctors and health care professionals for the best advice. Do not delay the health examination and consultation with the doctor, the content on the camnangbenhdalieu.com website or other websites is for reference only.

2. Criteria for selecting the original content for editing by camnangbenhdalieu

Camnangbenhdalieu.com selects the original content to edit the article on the website based on the following criteria:

2.1. Suitability

Information topics which are selected and updated on the camnangbenhdalieu.com website include health information, drug referrals, medical products, warnings, health advices and experts’ comments on problems related to dermatological diseases. These are objective information giving readers a comprehensive view as well as help them learn more about these pathologies.

2.2. Accurate origin of information

Camnangbenhdalieu.com uses references, medical documents which have been published in medical journals or medical textbooks at universities as information sources. In addition, we also use information from reputable sources such as: The Journal of the American Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, Pediatrics, Diabetes Care and other medical journals.

2.3. Trend update

Camnangbenhdalieu.com not only provides scientific information on pathology in the interest of the readers but also updates according to the trend depending on each specific time such as the diseases develop seasonally and methods to avoid, what is the time we need to pay attention to issues in our diet, daily life, what is the diet we should have to prevent disease, is there any new treatments with this condition, etc.

3. Reliable and complete content

All information provided on camnangbenhdalieu.com is taken from reliable, scientific sources and has been endorsed by the Ministry of Health. We always selected the source of information carefully before editing on the website.

Integrity when editing: Camnangbenhdalieu.com always consistently distinguishes among news articles, articles, references and other information so that when entering the website, the readers can clearly distinguish the objective news and information of the advising unit.

In all of our articles, camnangbenhdalieu.com always upholds the principle of fairness, accuracy, objectivity, the articles are independent, full of responsibility, has accurate information which cannot be affected, falsified by any force.

Press Rules and Regulations: As an online information website, camnangbenhdalieu.com also adheres to and maintains the Media and Press Rules and Regulations in the news coverage as well as review and supplement information from reliable sources.

4. Board of editors of camnangbenhdalieu.com.

Camnangbenhdalieu.com builds personal profiles for all editors with complete and clear information to ensure the copyright of the article as well as responsibility for the information posted on the website.

We always keep a clear separation between the editing staffs of the web and the staffs of advertisers and partners to ensure that the editor perform well his/her role of providing objective information, not to be partial to any representative, sponsor.

The editors of camnangbenhdalieu.com are responsible for providing accurate, objective information about events and issues related to dermatological diseases. Before an article is published, it is thoroughly researched on the subject to the experts’ opinion to ensure the accuracy of the information.

5. The process of article creation

Everyweek, our board of editors and medical advisors will schedule the news of the day. This includes the latest information from medical journals, the most important announcements from national health authorities, and articles analyzing the latest health trends.

Everyday, our editors will chat with the leading experts of the section to provide analysis, updates, and profiles that can generate the most unique news and content. Each composed article will be reviewed by our board of medical advisors.

The sources of information selected for editing are reputable sources such as medical journals, medical conferences, government action and medical documents derived from interviews with medical experts.

Before a complete article is published, it will be reviewed by an editor with medical expertise to ensure the accuracy, relevance of the medical language and the suitability of the content which is conveyed.

After that, the article will be reviewed by an editorial-specialist editor to adjust and ensure the consistency in style of writing, context, punctuation and to ensure that all readers will understand the provided content. Finally, the final article will be published on the camnangbenhdalieu.com website.

6. Content is licensed

When camnangbenhdalieu licenses for the medical and health care information content from the third party to post it on our website, senior editors and editors with medical professionals will review editing procedures and policies of the third party so as to be consistent with the Editorial policy of camnangbenhdalieu.com

7. Sponsorship and Advertising Content

When using our website, you will notice that some of the content, buttons, signs and banners are labeled “Sponsorship”, “From our sponsors” or “Ads.” This content is not reviewed by the editors of camnangbenhdalieu.com and it is not the subject of this editorial policy.

We are not responsible for the content of these ads. Our articles are not for advertising or sponsorship purposes. The content, buttons, signs and banners labeled “From our sponsors” are the subject of our Sponsor management policy. Content, buttons, signs and banners labeled “Ads” are subject to the Advertising Policy of camnangbenhdalieu.com.


Since camnangbenhdalieu.com has been put into operation, we regularly seek sponsorship and advertising from leading commercial organizations, manufacturers and experts of the section who are always dedicated to providing information on health and human lifestyle.

Those sponsoring sources and advertising forms allow us to provide valuable but not wasted content to our readers.

Camnangbenhdalieu.com gives sponsors the opportunity to spread their marketing message as well as information about their products and services by publishing information or links on our website.

We will conduct a process to ensure that you are able to determine whether the content you are going to view is being provided and edited by our sponsors or not, so that you can decide whether to see the article or not. For more information, read our Advertising Policy.

To clearly distinguish between the content of camnangbenhdalieu.com and the content created or provided by one of our sponsors, we always include the label “From our sponsors”, “Sponsored by, “” Promoted by, “or” By (name of the sponsor) “on our articles.

When the content from a sponsor is governed by the Advertising Policy, it will not depend on the Editorial policy of camnangbenhdalieu.com. Sponsors will be responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of the content and these will not be considered by the board of editors of camnangbenhdalieu.com to ensure the accuracy, objectivity or the necessary balance.

Here are some ways to determine which content comes from the sponsor and some of the relevent points that you need to pay attention to:

  • All content created or provided by the sponsor on camnangbenhdalieu.com will be identified by the tags “From our sponsors,” “Sponsored by,” “Promoted by,” or “By (Name of the sponsor) “.
  • At the top of every content page from the sponsors, we will place a notice informing you that the content on this page was created or provided by the sponsors and is only edited and controlled by them.
  • Content containing sponsored links or content from the sponsors will be identified by a separate color and include the following tags: “From our Sponsors,” “Sponsored by,” “Promoted by “, or” By (name of the sponsor)”.
  • In the content of the sponsor, there may be links to the sponsor’s website.
  • When the links to sponsors’ websites are located in the content, camnangbenhdalieu.com will inform that you are visiting another website. We will describe this process in more detail in the Privacy Policy of camnangbenhdalieu.com.
  • Sponsorship content is copyrighted by the sponsors or by the legal copyright owner.
  • The sponsored content will include a description line at the end of the content to note that camnangbenhdalieu.com does not promote and guarantee the quality of any particular product, service or treatment.
  • When the third party provides funds for the creation of content edited by camnangbenhdalieu.com

In addition to creating and providing content for posting on our site (labeled as “From our sponsors,” “Sponsored by,” “Promoted by,” or “By (name of the sponsor), the third party may also provide direct costs to camnangbenhdalieu.com without controlling this content.

This content may appear in sections dedicated to kinds of diseases or lifestyles on the website, in the fields of interest or appearing on our social media channels.

Camnangbenhdalieu.com has a number of staffs of over 30 editors and medical experts, specialists in Dermatology. By providing financial allowance to inspire us, camnangbenhdalieu.com will be able to bring you more great and valuable information to help you manage your health or change your lifestyle into a better direction.

Whenever we create an original content as requested by the sponsor, the sponsors will select the topic of the content / program and these will be labeled “Sponsored by” or similar tags right below the content during the period when the sponsors provide financial support for the content / program.

In addition, sponsors may also request to label similar tags on editorial content that we previously made during the sponsorship period of the content / program.

When the content of camnangbenhdalieu.com is identified as “brought to you” by a third party, we will perform the following steps:

  • We place a descriptive text at the top of the page so that you know that Hello Health Group has created the content without any editorial control from sponsors for that content.
  • Normally, you will see the text “Bring to you by” with a link that leads to the definition of the text “Bring to you by” during the time that sponsors provide financial support for the program. .
  • In some cases, we will also use one of the following four additional tags to let you know that the content is brought by the sponsors and that these words have the same meaning as “bring for you by “.
  • Provided financial support by our sponsors
  • Supported by our sponsors
  • Made it possible by financial support from our sponsorships
  • Made it possible by our sponsors
  • When camnangbenhdalieu.com cooperates with third parties to provide cost for the content of knowledge dissemination

Camnangbenhdalieu.com will work with governments, organizations and associations that are responsible for disseminating knowledge to the public on health topics or issues.

We use a framework that includes specific criteria for reviewing and selecting organizations and collaborating with them to create or select content in specific fields. The content will be reviewed and edited by a third party and subsequently adjusted and approved by the editor of camnangbenhdalieu.com.

In these cases, you will see:

  • We will place a descriptive text on the top of the same page to inform you that camnangbenhdalieu.com has created or selected this content with the support and cooperation of other organizations and associations.
  • Regularly, you will see the text “cooperate to disseminate together” followed by the name of the organization we have cooperated to create the content.
  • We will also let the readers know if there are other third parties that sponsor but do not control the content.



By using this website, you agree to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of use that we offer, please do not use this website.

The limited liability websites of camnangbenhdalieu.com and our subsidiary websites may modify and update the terms and conditions at any time. If you continue to use the websites of camnangbenhdalieu.com (hereinafter referred to as the “websites of camnangbenhdalieu.com ” or the “Website”) it means that you accept such changes:

  • Our website does not provide any medical advice
  • Security for children
  • About the use of content
  • Legal liability of camnangbenhdalieu.com and its licensors
  • User Submissions
  • Advertise, search and link to other websites
  • Indemnification
  • General introduction
  • Rights
  • Notice and procedure of removal for the copyright agent
  • General agreement

Our website does not provide any medical advice

Content on the camnangbenhdalieu.com’s website such as text, graphics, images, information obtained from the licensor of camnangbenhdalieu.com and other documents in the website of camnangbenhdalieu.com is only for the purpose of providing information.

What the website provides is not a substitute for the opinion, diagnosis and treatment of medical professionals. We advise you to always learn and seek advice from reliable doctors and health care professionals when learning about the diseases. You should never deny or delay the consultation of the experts for the content you read on the website of camnangbenhdalieu.com.

If you are in need of medical emergencies, call your doctor right away. Camnangbenhdalieu.com does not encourage you to perform tests, use the products, processes, opinions and information mentioned on the website.

Any problems that arise as a result of the information provided by camnangbenhdalieu.com, the staffs of camnangbenhdalieu.com, individuals invited by camnangbenhdalieu.com to cooperate to provide the content and local contributors providing information on this website shall be absolutely not affiliated with camnangbenhdalieu.com and it shall be the responsibility of the individual applying the information above.

Health and medical content on the website of camnangbenhdalieu.com may contain content that is related to sexual or sexual matters. If any individual using the site feels uncomfortable or offensive by this content, the individual can stop using the website.

Security for children

We are committed to protecting the privacy of children. Information on the camnangbenhdalieu.com website is not designed to attract children under the age of 13.

About the use of content

camnangbenhdalieu.com allows you to view or download a copy of the document on the camnangbenhdalieu.com website for your personal, non-commercial purpose only and requires you to uphold the copyright notices located at the end of document.

The “Copyright has been Protected” notice with copyright notices and other ownerships are included in the content. Any special rules applicable to the use of certain software and items accessible on the camnangbenhdalieu.com website may be located on a different location within the website and are subject to these terms and this condition for the users to refer.

Our content is protected by the copyright which is governed by the law of Vietnam and foreign laws. From title to content, they all belong to camnangbenhdalieu.com or the licensor.

Any use of content which is not permitted by our Terms and Conditions of Use is a breach of the Terms and Conditions as well as the copyright, trademark, and other laws. Content and features may be changed or terminated without any notice from camnangbenhdalieu.com. All rights not certified herein are owned by camnangbenhdalieu.com and its licensors.

If you violate any of these Terms and Conditions, your rights to use the content will automatically terminate and any copy of the content that you obtain from our website must be immediately destroyed.

Legal liability of camnangbenhdalieu.com and its licensors

The users are responsible for the risks of using the website and the content of camnangbenhdalieu.com without any involvement to camnangbenhdalieu.com.

When using the camnangbenhdalieu.com website, the information is transmitted through the intermediary, which is out of the control and authority of camnangbenhdalieu.com and our suppliers. Accordingly, camnangbenhdalieu.com is not responsible for delays, failures, interruptions, or damages of any data or information transmitted during the course of using the camnangbenhdalieu.com website.


Camnangbenhdalieu.com, our licensors and suppliers do not represent or guarantee the following:

– The accuracy, reliability, completeness, timeliness of content, software, text, graphics, links or contact information provided on or through the use of the websites of camnangbenhdalieu.com.

– The compliance with any regulations of the state regarding information disclosure requirements for prescription drug products or the approval or adherence of regulations of the state for software tools relating to the content on the camnangbenhdalieu.com website.

-camnangbenhdalieu.com, licensors, suppliers or any third parties mentioned on the website of camnangbenhdalieu.com will not be liable for any damages (including, but not limited to incidental damages and consequences of an event, injuries/fatalities, profit loss or deficit of the damage caused by the loss of data or the obstacles in business) that causes by the ineffective use of the website or the content of camnangbenhdalieu.com is determined based on the warranty certificate contract, legal errors or any other legal theory, whether camnangbenhdalieu.com, licensors, suppliers or any third parties mentioned on the website of camnangbenhdalieu.com have been informed of the possibility of damage or not.

camnangbenhdalieu.com, licensor, supplier or any third parties mentioned on the websites of camnangbenhdalieu.com are not responsible for any personal injuries, including fatalities caused by the use or abuse of the website or the content of our website.

Any claims arising related to the use of the website or its content must be made within one year of the occurrence of the event resulting in such action. Corrective actions are our privacy and they will be subject to and limited to the damages specified in Terms and Conditions.

Ads, search bars and links to other websites

Camnangbenhdalieu.com may provide links to third parties’ websites. Camnangbenhdalieu.com may also select and prioritize certain websites when you enter search terms, and camnangbenhdalieu.com may also allow advertising units to show ads and sponsored content when some certain search terms are entered.

Camnangbenhdalieu.com does not encourage or endorse the content of the third parties’ websites. Camnangbenhdalieu.com is not responsible for the accuracy of the content of the website linked to or in the websites of camnangbenhdalieu.com, the third parties’ websites which are in the search results or our ads.

You are solely responsible for any problems that occur when using the third partyies’ websites as well as are governed by the terms and conditions of these websites. camnangbenhdalieu.com does not endorse or guarantee any products, services or treatments advertised on the websites of camnangbenhdalieu.com. For more information, please read our Advertising Policy and Sponsorship Policy.


You must agree to protect, indemnify and hold representations, officers, agents, licensors and our suppliers harmless from and against all claims, behavior or demand, liability and mediation, including but not limited to the legal and accounting costs of any allegations of a violation of your Terms and Conditions.

General introduction

Camnangbenhdalieu.com is the health information website of Medinet Media Joint Stock Company, which provides information, events, health issues, and specialized analyzes related to dermatological diseases.

The following regulations survive until the time that this agreement expires or are terminated for any reason such as: legal liability, user feedback, indemnification, jurisdiction and general agreement.


All jurisdiction to arbitrate any dispute or any matter relating to camnangbenhdalieu.com shall be governed by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam without regard to its conflict of law provisions.

If any court of competent jurisdiction considers that the provisions of the Terms and Conditions are invalid, the invalidation of such provisions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the remaining provisions will continue to be effective. No waiver of any of these terms and conditions shall constitute a waiver of such terms or conditions or any other terms or conditions.

Notice and process of removal of content on the websites of camnangbenhdalieu.com and issues related to copyright agent.

If you believe that any document you access or document from the website violates your copyright, you may request to removal or access to further review the content from the website by contacting the copyright agent of camnangbenhdalieu.com (contact details are provided at the end) and provide the following information:

  • Identify the registered content that is violating copyright in your opinion. Please describe the content and if possible, provide an additional copy or source (for example, URL) of the content copyright.
  • Identify the content that is violating copyright in your opinion and its location. Please describe the document and provide us with the URL or any other necessary information to determine the location of the document.
  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address, if available.
  • A statement that you believe the use of this complained document is not authorized by the copyright owner, agent or the law.
  • A statement that the information you provided is accurate and that it indicates “perceiving the penalty for perjury,” you are either the copyright owner or the authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner to make this complain.
  • A signature or electronic signature is equivalent to the signature from the copyright holder or the authorized copyright representative.

The copyright holder of the camnangbenhdalieu.com website has the address:

Medinet Media Joint Stock Company

Address: 4th Floor, Tower A, Song Da Building, Pham Hung Street, My Dinh 1 Ward, Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Telephone: 0243 212 3133

Mobile: 0966 729 243

Email: contact@medinetgroup.vn

In order to protect the right of the copyright holder, on each case, camnangbenhdalieu.com maintains a policy to terminate the subscription and account of the website when such subscription and the account repeatedly infringe.

General agreement

Except as prescribed in a specific legal notice on the website of camnangbenhdalieu.com, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of camnangbenhdalieu.com are the constituent elements of the entire agreement for the use of the website and the content of camnangbenhdalieu.com between you and camnangbenhdalieu.com.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you will find useful information and use the website of camnangbenhdalieu.com in a convenient way.

If you have any questions or comments about the website, including any notices of inactive links, please send us an email to: Security Division of Medinet Media Joint Stock Company, 4th Floor, Tower A, Song Da Building, Pham Hung Street, My Dinh 1 Ward, Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

Policies and terms of use and privacy of the camnangbenhdalieu.com website.

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