Skin diseases are becoming more popular and have a influence on health, life, psychology of patients. Camnangbenhdalieu.com understands that is why we must committed to being your most trusted ally in providing the scientific information relating to the dermatological diseases and how to care and protect the best for your health.

Executive Team

Executive Teamworks with leadership to help camnangbenhdalieu.com develop into a specialized health information website about skin diseases which are trusted and selected by patients. The project manager has experience with communication, management, information developer and technical monitoring for this project.

Bui Dinh Cuong: Project Manager

Mr. Bui Dinh Cuong is manager of project camnangbenhdalieu.com. He has the overall responsibility for the successful initiation, planning and developing this website from the first day. He has experience with many health project such as develop websites about health information, taking care of and raising children, building and developing social groups which members share information, experience about health, raising children…

With the roles of the project manager of camnangbenhdalieu.com, Dinh Cuong is responsible for all aspects about development strategies, business expansion and co-operation with investors.

Thanh Vu: Managing Edior

Ms Thanh Vu graduated from Academy of Journalism & Communication, has experience as a reporter, editor in the field of journalism and content development on websites about health, raising children… She also builds and develops this website from the first day. Besides, she always learns and searchs with the purpose of developing content website as well as controlling the accuracy of information.

With the roles of managing edior, responsibility for content website, Ms Thanh Vu creats plans and strategies about content of camnangbenhdalieu.com.

Nguyen Van Quy: Technician

Mr. Nguyen Van Quy brings over 5 years of experience in software development. Prior to joining the health project at camnangbenhdalieu.com, he had been responsible for designing and developing a lot of websites for several technology software companies

Tran Quy Quang: Design Leader

Mr. Tran Quy Quang has more 5 years of experience in designing website. He had worked at a variety of the reputable editorial office such as Doi song phap luat, Tin moi, Nguoi dua tin. He also designed websites for health projects of the customer and the partner in the clinics, the hospitals or specialize pharmacy.

Mr Quang is responsible for entire design and images of the website, interface… on camnangbenhdalieu.com. He always updates informations, makes the changes follow users’ orientation in order to bring efficiency and the best experience.

Consultant Team

Consultant Team members of camnangbenhdalieu.com are doctors, specialists who have professional skills and experience in research, examination and treatment skin diseases. They have worked at the top hospitals, clinics. So, they examined and treated many patients who have skin diseases. In addition, they consult specialized knowledge, validate the accuracy of information on camnangbenhdalieu.com.

Do Minh Tuan: Herbalist

Doctor Do Minh Tuan is the head of Herb pharmacy Do Minh Duong. He graduated from Vietnam University of traditional medicine, is the fifth generation inheriting the traditional Oriental medicine of Do Minh Duong family.

He is very dedicated to the profession, always listen to the fret of the patient in order to understand the problem in their disease. Therefore he adjusts ingredients, dosages herbs in drugs and find treatments for diseases quickly and effective. He also helps the patient understand the causes of the disease to overcome disease or prevent recurrences and improve their health.

Pham Ngoc Chau: Herb doctor

Dr. Pham Van Chau graduated the major as traditional medical doctor at the Vietnam University of traditional medicine. He had worked at Health center for the elderly (2006 – 2008), Nam A hospital (2009 – 2016)…

Despite of having a lot of professional experience, Dr. Chau does not stop learning, improving the skills and qualification for the treatment. He is always conscientious and dedicated whenever his patients need the help because he has motto in the profession that “the pain of patients is also his pain”.

Doctor Nguyen Tung Lam

Dr. Nguyen Tung Lam completed the degree for traditional medical doctor from University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Ho Chi Minh city. He has considerable experience and practical expertise when taked on a lot of positions as Commissioner of Hoa Tan Orientally traditional medicine association at Cau Ke district in Tra Vinh province; Managing doctor of the traditional medical department at the Cau Ke hospital in Tra Vinh; province, Commissioner of the Can Tho Orientally traditional medicine association and Doctor responsible for treatment in the Orientally traditional medicine association.

Editorial Team

Editorial Team directly build the content, articles on camnangbenhdalieu.com. Members of this team have been trained in journalism, media… They have experience in press, developing health websites. For the purpose of providing accurate, sciential information and medical knowledge about skin diseases, Editorial Team always edit information base on reputable and certified sources.

Nguyen Thi Quynh: Editor

Editor Nguyen Thi Quynh graduated in journalism of Hue University. She had experience with reporter, editor in health field for many years. She participated and developed the content of camnangbenhdalieu.com from the first day. Ms Quynh also understand scientific knowledge about skin diseases, has relation with sources of reliable information such as doctors, hospitals, researchs…

Le Thi Kieu Huong: Editor

Graduated from University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Kieu Huong has experience with editor, reporter in health field for many years. Besides, she translates healthy news and researchs from foreign resources. Ms Huong has the responsibility for updating information of skin diseases from international reputable sources.

Nghiem Huyen Linh: Editor

Linh completed her Bachelor degree from Academy of Journalism and communication, worked at several credible news agencies and joined in developing website project for health content. Linh is responsible for searching news for dermatological diseases from the group, the community relating these diseases. Besides she also ensures to bring news for patients timely to help them solve their matters.

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