The advertising policy on the website is designed to manage the problem of advertising on the website and target to consumers. The service products of are aimed at consumers called “property for serving customers of “. In addition, the products, information, and services directed to health care professionals are called “properties for professionals of”.

The advertising used in this policy include third-party scheme, third-party tokens, third-party contextual advertisement, and third-party sponsored contents.

The terms listed below regulates the conditions of the advertising approval, the form and  removal of advertising on makes an absolute discretion in the interpretation, applies advertising policies, and changes the policy at any time by posting revised advertising policies on

In any case, always reserves the right to decide whether or not the advertisement is approved to appear on the website. The approval of advertisement on does not imply that has authenticated the quality of the advertised product/ service  or verification to third parties for the purpose of advertising, producing, distributing and promoting that product/ service. does not accept any advertising products that are dishonest, unfit to aesthetics, historical traditions, culture, ethics, habits and customs of Vietnam.

The advertisements not approved by the website include:

  •  Advertisement for illegal products, products/ services that offend or endanger the user.
  •  Advertisement that contains scams, information that is prohibited from propaganda and/or causes misleading or offending others.
  • Advertisement containing information that is distorted, derogatory and discriminatory, information that is critical of the individual/organization of any age, nationality, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, etc. which supposes to be inappropriate.
  • Advertisement on alcohol, beer and other alcoholic beverages.
  • Advertisement on weapons in any form.
  • Advertisement related to social evils, social evils, issues and contents banned by law.
  • Advertisement with depraved and pornographic contents
  • Advertisement simulating news or emergency
  • Advertisement that contains contents appealing or intending to appeal to children under the age of 13.
  • Advertisement on adult games or containing adult contents.
  • Advertisement containing unreasonable statements about products or services that are not real.
  • Advertisement in the form of information or images that are flashy and dazzling
  • Advertisement containing the content of the methods and cases of miraculously-rapid weight loss, the declaration of the methods of unrealistic medical treatment .
  • Advertisement which displays to interrupt users’ reading of contents.
  • Advertisement which can not be turned off or minimized when users do not want to see them.
  • Advertisement which takes the counterfeit form of  computer functions, making users think that clicking on ads is essential. acknowledges and resolutely holds the independence of advertising and content and web-based compilation. Web posts are not meant for advertising or sponsorship purposes. We always ensure that the information about the advertisement together with contents on the site is always separated and easily identified. Advertisement that appears on the customer service property will be blocked.

When a user clicks on an advertisement, it can only lead to a third party web site or to the sponsored content area on’s property, absolutely free of any costs to the users.

All specific search results on are entered by keyword or through the topic displayed on the website. Contents listed in the search results will be displayed along with the source. The advertisement displayed in the search will bring along the information of the provider so that the users can decide precisely what they want to see.

Links from Google advertisement: may receive payment from Google based on the display of sponsored link results or the number of clicks on links on the product and/or service section for the customers of

For third-party advertising contents – sponsors or advertisement production units will have to adhere to the advertising policy, specify sources and brands to categorize the sponsored contents on the consumer assets section of for customers. will not post advertisement when users click and then they are required to sign up for an account or login email, and request a personal identity. reserves the right to accept, refuse, cancel or remove any advertisement displayed on the Website for any reason and at any time. Upon cancellation or any modification, will promptly notify the customer about the reason as well as the time of removing advertisement.

Advertisers are obliged to comply with the laws and regulations on advertising in accordance with state and international regulations when advertising on the website will not monitor the compliance with these laws, but we reserve the right to consider advertising in accordance with the laws, regulations of the Ministry of Health for Advertisement, and’s policy on removal of the right to advertise on the website.

 For the Vietnamese Version please refer to here.

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